2/1/24 leo passed last night from a blood clot. i was told by an acquaintance to place figures of bastet, ancient egyptian cat goddess of protection and good health, around my home to protect my cat(s) in the future. i am so sad that leo is gone.

12/16/23 i dyed my hair brown. today i fixed some problems with this website. my cd mirror is supposed to arrive soon! i preordered that over a month ago.

12/9/2023 leo is fully healed from his bladder infection! sorry, but my cats come first, so i am mentioning that first. i've been depressed. barely coding. BARELY learning more about coding. i've been making youtube videos, it's fun. i make vocal covers a lot and singing is such a release!!! i dyed my hair light brown to match my roots so i won't have to dye it anymore. i love being a peroxide girl, but my scalp psoriasis means basically i shouldn't put chemicals on my head (including the permanent brown dye i used yesterday... oops) so i will just let my brown roots grow now. it's fine. i want to work on this website more, though (a LOT more.)

11/18/2023 things have been overwhelming lately. i am so sad to let you know that my esa xena passed in may. rip and i will never be able to replace her; i've been grieving her since, and that's part of what has overwhelmed me. anyways, in june i adopted another esa cat to keep me and sabrina company. his name is leo, and he's four years old. he's such a sweetheart. he went to the vet for a bladder infection recently but he's on antibiotics and another med now and getting healthier. i love my cats. i guess i am updating this site.

2/8/2023 i am working on making this my main personal website. i also set up sugarette.net (my blog) again. kind of. i've been having trouble with the links on this site, and getting them to work.

therapy is going well, though we haven't had a lot of appointments together yet.

i have been doing more still image photography. love that. now i've just gotta read more, then i'll be unstoppable. or something.

1/31/2023 i have updated the main html for this site. until it is completely my own creation, i must credit sadgirl.online for my html/css/javascript/etc?

i've been very depressed lately, due to my moms' incurable cancer diagnosis and other things. luckily i just started therapy again, top of the waitlist baby! ugh, i'm so numb.

obviously this site is currently under construction...

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